130 Baker Road, Kerhonkson, NY 12446, US

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Small Pick your Own Farm specializing in Heirloom Apples and grapes

About Us

Our Story

In 1958, John's grandfather who was a New York City fireman bought the property to get away from the city. During John's childhood he would come visit in the summer and fell in love with the area. He always knew he would return one day. 

In 1986, John moved into the farm after finishing a degree in pomology (study of growing fruit) from Texas A&M University.  John and his girlfriend, Lori, got busy clearing fields to plant orchards and a vineyard.  John and Lori got married in 1991 and had two children, Emily and Zachary. The family has enjoyed watching the farm grow  from a hobby into a business.  Its been our passion growing heirloom varieties that we love sharing with others so they can experience what good fruit is all about. 

"The best apples you've never heard of"

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